Candy Store

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What’s your Candy Store?


8 thoughts on “Candy Store

  1. Well I love going into gamestop and the powertool section of Lowes rocks my socks too. Bestbuy can also be very fun. I might also mention when in a relationship going in to Victoria Secret with my gf was a very great candy store moment 😉

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    • My gamestop alternative was a shop here called Data Blitz. Back when I had a PS3 and an xbox, that was pretty much a candy store to me too! This is the first time I’ve ever heard a guy say they liked going into Victoria’s Secret tho. XD

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      • well keep in mind I wasn’t alone. Guy code states: going into V.S. alone is forbidden save for picking out something with said gf or attempting ( usually bumbling) on own to get something for said gf. These are the only 2 allowed instances.

        V.S. Banner in store window sub code: do not look at said windows of V.S. under pain of being viewed as a perv or potential slapped by said gf.

        So I was well within the code heheheh;)

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      • I speak the truth and suffered a mighty slap on 2 different occasions from 2 different girls so gentlemen proceed with caution! hehehe we must respect the sub code ! hahhaha


    • I thought so! Hahah! The only Gamestop branch I’m familiar of is way too far from where I hail, but I should really check it out. I hear they offer pretty cool deals there. Which games have you recently bought?

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      • I haven’t bought too much recently, have a massive backlog of games I am attempting to work my way through. I am currently replaying Dragon Age Origins in readiness for a Dragon Age inquisition purchase, also the quirky Deadly Premonition, a strange budget game that is based upon Twin Peaks.


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